Vanya and Sonia’s Julie White on Making Out With Younger Men & Why She Should Join Game of Thrones

first_img Julie White Julie White is back on Broadway in her first leading role since winning a 2007 Best Actress Tony Award for The Little Dog Laughed. Fresh off the heels of her recently canceled sitcom Go On, White is now headlining this year’s Tony-winning Best Play Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. The TV and stage star plays Masha, the movie star sister of Kristine Nielsen and David Hyde Pierce, who arrives back at the family home with some unsettling news and a hot young boyfriend. Below, the always entertaining White gives the scoop on returning to the Great White Way, finding the perfect TV project and more. What do you love about living in New York again? Everything! I live in Brooklyn and I love all the hipsters and all the artisanal bacon you can get here now. I consider New York my home and L.A. a place that I go. I always say I go with an empty sack and try to fill it with as much money as possible to bring back to New York. Related Shows Show Closed This production ended its run on Aug. 25, 2013 It’s great to have you back on Broadway! Are you having the time of your life in Vanya? My god, it’s fun to do. I can’t tell you! It’s so much fun to get a big, whorey laugh out there with my terrible Norma Desmond imitation. And can you believe that cheap blowjob joke I’m doing? [Laughs.] The company has been so magnificent; it’s not easy having someone come in that has such a different take the role. They have just embraced it and gone with it. How is your Masha different than the role’s creator, Sigourney Weaver? Yours seems more like an action movie star. One of the things that scared me about this is that Sigourney is such a big movie star, so she had the audience expectation already in her pocket. I don’t think of myself that way at all. I felt like I had to really look at the script. I think [Masha] did these sexy, killer movies, and there’s five of them. The only person I can think of that’s done five of the same franchise is Bruce Willis. So I definitely was thinking that she should be like that. How did this come about for you? Had you seen the play? No! I am a huge fan, as anyone who knows him is, of Nicky Martin, the director, and when Nicky was nominated for a Tony, I was so pleased for him. I called him to say congratulations, and he said, “Oh darling, this is a role that you should play,” and I said, “Well, you know, if she ever leaves the show…” and he said, “Well, as a matter of fact…” I was waiting to hear whether Go On was going to be picked up—and I really thought it was. So, when I got the terrible, sad news that we were not going to go back, I just called Nicky and said, “Okay, I’m in.” Don’t miss Julie White in Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike now through August 25. Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike You said in your last interview with that you’ve played the mother to hot boys. Are you taking full advantage of being in the opposite situation with Masha’s boy-toy Spike [Creed Garnick]? Oh god, it’s so embarrassing that I have this ridiculously young boyfriend in the play. I think that on television and in film I will continue to be the mother to hot boys until, inevitably, I am their grandmother. But, for eight shows a week, I’m making out with one. You’ve done comedy in everything from Shakespeare to Douglas Carter Beane. Are there any serious roles you yearn to play? I’m not one of those people who’s like, “I’ve always wanted to give my Hedda [Gabler].” If I did play Hedda, I would find all the humor in it. I think she’s just funny. My Lady Macbeth would probably be funny. I think that there are laughs in all aspects of life. I’m not a planner; stuff comes along and you read it, and if it scares you or if you think, “Oh my god, this is so good. I hope I don’t screw it up,” then you should probably do it. View Comments Do you think you’ll return to TV after this play? What existing TV series would you want to join? I want to be on Game of Thrones! I’ve read all those freaking books and everything and I look like that woman [Michelle Fairley, who played Lady Stark]. I would love to be on Downton Abbey, too. I loved Go On, but I think it would be super fun to be on one of those culty kind of shows, that everyone just adores. That would really be great, to be telling a story that everyone was so, so interested in. Frankly, I wish they would do The Bachelorette for old people. And I could be the bachelorette. Would all the contestants be hot young guys like Spike? No! I want ABC to find me an age appropriate husband, like they just did for Desiree. I wouldn’t be in a bikini a lot of the time like she was, but they could find something for me to wear and send us off to Pago Pago to have a fantasy suite date. Of course me and another 50-year-old in the fantasy suite, we’d be like,”‘Let’s take a nap.” How does movie star Masha compare to Julie, the award winning stage and screen star? Is there a lot of you in her? She’s just so mean! Isn’t she? I think I’ve made her a lot more of a monster, especially at the beginning. She’s so consumed with jealousy, really, for Sonia. There’s a lot of family stuff in there. I had some friends from Texas come and see the play, and they were like, “Oh, this has a lot of aspects from your life in it.” [Though], Masha revels in this ridiculously youthful hair she has, and I personally am embarrassed by it. There’s a lot of “hair acting” in the play, Star Files After winning a Tony Award, did anything change out in L.A.? Do they care about that out there? Some people do, sure. Some people have no idea. It’s like somebody gave you a gold star to put on your lapel. I guess it’s like going from a private to a sergeant. last_img read more

OTTOLOCK Sidekick Compact U-Lock ensures your bicycle doesn’t take a walk

first_imgOTTO Design Works have released their new OTTOLOCK Sidekick Compact U-Lock, a lightweight secure bicycle lock convenient for the cycle commuter. The bike lock is a keyed 12mm double shackle design. For additional security, it is on offer as a bundle with OTTO’s 30″ cinch lock until 26th May.OTTOLOCK Sidekick Compact Bicycle U-LockThe OTTOLOCK Sidekick Compact U-Lock comes with two keysThe OTTOLOCK Sidekick Compact U-LOCK, also known as a D-Lock, is a silicone-coated lightweight bike lock for everyday use. Weighing a claimed 750g, it is 150g lighter and 240g lighter than the ABUS and Vie Velo ones I have lying around out back, respectively – both keyed silicone-coated bike U-Locks of a similar design.It is a compact design measuring 2.75” x 5.75” (7cm x 14.5cm), capable of locking a single tube to a post or railing. The Sidekick Compact U-Lock is considered a medium security bike lock, with its double-shackle 12mm hardened steel design and anti-rotation deadbolt.The OTTOLOCK Sidekick Compact U-LOCK is available in both orange and blackIf you’re like me and can’t be trusted to keep your bike lock keys safe (I once had to saw open a D-Lock to free my bicycle), you might want to consider something a bit “smarter”. The BenjiLock by Hampton is one such bike lock, unlocked by your fingerprint.OTTOLOCK Cinch Bicycle LockThe 60″ OTTOLOCK weighs a claimed 260gOTTO Design Works also offer a Cinch bicycle lock. This is designed for quick stops and protecting against opportunity theft. The smallest cinch lock at 18″ long weighs a claimed 145g. It coils to a compact 3 inch diameter, so should be pretty convenient to carry around.The OTTOLOCK Combination Lock is available in black, yellow and orange colorways, in 18″, 30″ and 60″ lengths. It is said to be super durable, finished with a chip-resistant Cerakote paint and Santoprene plastic that will not scuff. Reset it with a keyless combination when you forget your digits.Pricing & AvailabilityThe OTTOLOCK Cinch is not a replacement for a U-Lock. For maximum bike security you should use a redundant locking method with both a U-Lock and a secondary lock. Until 26th May, OTTO are offering customers a bundle including the new OTTOLOCK Sidekick Compact U-Lock with the 30″ Cinch lock for a reduced price of $50, as compared to the usual $80 price tag.OTTODesignWorks.comlast_img read more

Carbon-Ti Chainrings Made From, Yep, Carbon Fiber and Titanium

first_imgCarbon-Ti makes a full spectrum of chainrings for road and mountain bikes. The big rings have an aluminum tooth section on a carbon spider and come in around 50g to 60g depending on size. The Ti MTB big rings are about 60g, also, but the grannies are 25g to 28g. Prices range from €220 for the carbon/alloy big rings down to €150 for the full titanium big rings to €40 for the Ti granny gears. Detail pic after the break…last_img

Pacenti debuts all-new carbon rims, complete wheels & updated PDent handlebar

first_imgA new management team has joined founder Kirk Pacenti to help the company grow, and their product line is leading the way. This week, they relaunched the website to showcase all-new carbon fiber rims, complete wheels, skewers, tubeless rim tape and other bits. They’re also teasing a revamped PDent handlebar system for getting the shortest possible cockpit.The designed-in-USA Pacenti Carbon rims come in three heights and are tubeless ready, with both clincher and tubular versions. They use a “newly developed” high temperature resin that they’ve had independently tested to withstand 800ºC. So, if you’re still running rim brakes, they should hold up to the worst brake-dragging descents you can find. If you’ve moved on to disc brakes, there are disc-specific models with a hookless sidewall design that gives you a bit more room internally…and they’re lighter. Here’s the options: 50mm F Rim50mm26.6mm20mm480g +/- 15g20H$375.00 30mm F Rim30mm26.6mm20mm420g +/- 15g20H$337.50 Note: These prices are “sale” prices that may end. Regular pricing is claimed at $380 to $500 per rim.The disc brake rims have a more defined tubeless channel and eliminate the bead hook, are significantly lighter, yet claim to handle whatever max pressure your road bike tires have printed on their sidewall.Those carbon rims can be purchased as complete wheels, too, with prices ranging from $825 for the tubulars ($1,100 regular price) to $1,050 for the 50mm disc brake set ($1,399 off sale). The 30D (shown) should prove to be one of the more versatile offerings, having a good mid-depth shape that’s light enough for climbing but, they say, strong enough for cyclocross and gravel shenanigans, too. Claimed weight for the wheelset is 1,470g +/-15g with 24/24 spokes and Sapim CXRay spokes up front and D-Light spokes rear. Sold with Shimano 11-speed freehub bodies, but a Campagnolo one’s available separately.The alloy wheels, shown at top of post, will be built on the Brevet and Forza rims that debuted in 2016.Other new accessories include these stainless steel QR skewers, which come in black or silver and retail for $29.99.As for the PDent bars, which allow for a 25mm or shorter stem thanks to an indent on the handlebar, here’s all we could get out of them: “Pdent bars have been updated and the patent is now awarded although there will be a more in depth release for them soon.” In the meantime, check our original coverage to see how it works.PacentiCycleDesign.comSaveSave 30mm R Rim30mm26.6mm20mm420g +/- 15g24H$337.50 DepthExternalWidthInternalWidthWeightSpokesPrice 45mm F Tub45mm25mm20mm438g +/- 15g20H$337.50 50mm 24 Disc50mm26.6mm21.2mm425g +/- 15g24H$315.00 45mm Disc Tub45mm25mm21.2mm416g +/- 15g28H$337.50 30mm 24 Disc30mm26.6mm21.2mm365g +/- 15g24H$285.00 30mm 28 Disc30mm26.6mm21.2mm365g +/- 15g28H$285.00 45mm R Tub45mm25mm20mm438g +/- 15g24H$337.50 50mm R Rim50mm26.6mm20mm480g +/- 15g24H$375.00last_img read more

2018 Cannondale Synapse endurance road bike is race ready with new SAVE & Si…

first_imgThe new integrated bar & stem solution of the SAVE Systembar is all about getting the look and feel of and integrated setup without the fit compromises. The System bar is still two parts, but gets a flat aero look that also builds in SAVE vibration damping. Cannondale claims a built-in 4-6mm of deflection in the bar design out on the road to damp vibration (up to 15mm in the test lab).Gruber ImagesThe actual two-piece setup means you can interchange stem length and still get 8° of bar angle adjustment. The stem portion comes in +6° versions from 70-110mm and -6° from 80-130mm lengths. The elliptical top bar itself  comes in 36-44mm widths in 2cm increment. The tops are pretty small diameter, designed to have a circumference similar to 31.8 round bar for comparable fit to a round bar, which can be wrapped or left exposed. It also comes with an integrated GPS mount for Garmin computers & and an included Fabric headlight that attached below. The GPS mount uses the Garmin 1/4 turn, but is actually works with a replaceable interface so other versions should be easy to get ahold of as well.The new Synapse goes with a ‘so small it’s almost retro’ 25.4mm SAVE seatpost, designed to flex a bit to match the frame, fork & handlebar in comfort. That post gets clamped with a new internal wedge-style seatpost clamp, tightened from below, but at a 45° angle with a hex key making it fairly easy to get to with just about any regular torque wrench or even most multi-tools. The bike also gets modern, modular cable routing with  a port in the upper part of the downtube that gets a variety of inserts to run mechanical cables or to position the new internal Di2 junction box. Inside, those cables get guide and cross inside the frame to minimize the dreaded noise of slapping around inside.The Synapse in both Hi-Mod & Carbon level frames is disc only and uses flat mounts. While each of the complete bikes is spec’d with 160mm rotors, flat mount means anyone can switch to 140mm rotors just by flipping the front or removing the rear adapter brackets. Axle standards are 12mm front & rear, with a 12x100mm Maxle front & 12x142mm Syntace rear.The bikes get a replaceable alloy rear derailleur hanger, but also the front derailleur mount is removable to work for 1x setups as well.The frame also gets all-year versatility by way of full fender compatibility. The frame and fork both get discretely hidden mounts around the axles, plus a thread-in post under the fork crown and a removable seatstay bridge out back to allow the installation of standard full coverage fenders.The Synapse comes in a wide seven size range from 44-61cm, with the same geometry offered in both spec-level framesets and both men’s & women’s builds (although the women’s builds are limited to the four smaller 44-54cm sizes.) Each bike also gets compact gearing depending on the groupset to maximizes its versatility (11-30 for Dura-Ace, 11-32 for Ultegra, 11-32 for SRAM WiFLi, 11-34 for Shimano SE & 11-42 for SRAM 1x SE.)Synapse Hi-ModGruber ImagesFour complete bikes are offered in the Hi-Mod frameset, topping out with the $10,000/10,000€ Synapse Hi-Mod Dura-Ace Di2 build with Cannondale’s new 1450g, 19mm internal, 35mm deep carbon tubeless clincher Hollogram SL wheelset and its DT Swiss internals.Next down the $8000/8000€ Synapse Hi-Mod Red eTap goes wireless for shifting and is available in both men’s & women’s build s with a new 1500g set of carbon tubeless clincher Hollogram Si wheels that share the same rims but get lower cost hub internals.Then dropping down to $6500/6500€ is the ‘most affordable’ Hi-Mod bike with a mechanical Dura-Ace groupset.Synapse CarbonGruber ImagesSeven men’s builds are available with build kits spec’d for men, plus another three women-specific bikes. Those top out with the $6000/6000€ Synapse Carbon eTap bike and a $5000/5000€ Dura-Ace mechanical builds which both use the SAVE Systembar.Below that bikes stick with a traditional separate bar and stem cockpit from the $4200/4500€ Ultegra Di2 bike available for men & women, or the $3000/3000€ Ultegra mechanical bike available for men & women, down to the lowest coat of entry – the $2500/2400€ Synapse Carbon 105.The last three of those Synapse Carbon complete bikes are part of what Cannondale is calling the expansion of their New Road category. While new road really tops out with the Slate and its road+ tires, Cannondale have seen a lot of riders adapting other bikes for this type of off-road road & adventure riding and are happy to follow suit. That’s the idea behind their SE bikes – adapted with wide rims, bigger tires, lower gearing, and low key graphics. We’ve already seen the Super X SE debuted just about two months ago, and Cannondale promised we’ll see more such creations in 2018.So the Synapse Carbon gets a few SE versions – two for men & one for women. All three go New Road with WTB Exposure 30 tires that measure 32mm on the spec’d wheelsets, and low range gearing. The $3500/3500€ Synapse Carbon Ultegra SE gets a Ultegra double setup with a compact SpideRing crank, while the Apex builds in men’s & women’s both sell for $2500/2900€ with a 44T Apex 1x and 11-42 cassettes.Availability for all the bikes is essentially immediate. Cannondale tells us that even though these are model year 2018 bikes, they want you to be able to get their new bikes when they are introduced. The new Synapses should be in you local Cannondale shop from today or no later than a week or two out.Gruber ImagesAll in all the new Synapse promises on four main characteristics that Cannondale feels define their take on the race-ready endurance road category.  Smoothness to ride all day, integration to deliver top-level efficiency without compromise, race-ready performance differing only from their pure race bikes in the different posture & position of the rider on the bike, and the wide range capability you get from bigger tires, lower gearing, and disc brakes.Cannondale.comSaveSave The Cannondale Synapse is one of those endurance road bikes that you’d be excused for mistaking for a proper race bike. Developed to satisfy the needs of the pros racing the rough roads of the northern Spring Classics in Europe, this is a bike that wants to make every ride comfortable and long. The all-new Synapse updates and extends both Cannondale’s SAVE micro-suspension and their System Integration concept to create a bike that is more comfortable for the long day on the bike, without losing the race-ready feel. And at the same time, the bike shaves off weight to make it one of the lightest endurance bikes available. Wide tires, disc brakes only, integrated but adjustable bar+stem combos, the tech updates don’t stop there, with the new Synapse even getting innovative size-specific designs.courtesy of Cannondale, photos by Gruber ImagesGruber ImagesThe core of the Cannondale endurance road line is the Synapse Active Vibration Elimination tech (SAVE) that they call micro-suspension. While some companies are putting active suspension into their top level endurance road bikes, SAVE has been all about engineering flex into the carbon Synapse frame designs since they were first introduced back in 2006. Of course Cannondale is no stranger to putting suspension on a road bike, but they still are building the Synapse to win road races no matter the road surface, and are keeping the Lefties to the Slate for those looking to head further off the tarmac for more adventure & exploration.The Cannondale Synapse has built a solid following over the last decade from racing Paris-Roubaix to be ridden on innumerable amateur Gran Fondos. Its goal has always been to blend race-ready performance & geometry with the comfort we all want for those long endurance rides. That’s pretty much the definition of the entire endurance road category, but is usually a compromise of one for the other. For 2018 Cannondale looks like they are narrowing that gap even more as they fine tune the details in the new SAVE frame, fork & completely new bar for the new Synapse that they call “lighter, stiffer, smoother, more integrated and more capable than ever before”.Hitting the lighter point, the new Synapse Hi-Mod was designed to get under a target frame weight of 950g. And depending on which actual paint job you pick, Cannondale managed to do that up to their medium sized bikes. (An unpainted 56cm claims 918g, and 950g with paint and including seatpost clamp, front derailleur mount, derailleur hanger, cable routing at bottom bracket, and bottle cage mounting bolts.) That’s a Hi-Mod savings of 220g over the current model Synapse, with another 111g savings on the fork down to 372g. Added together Cannondale likes to think that makes the move to disc brakes and even easier decision, as you essentially get them on this bike with no weight penalty over last years rim-brake Synapse.Cannondale also has the more affordable Carbon-level frame that brings the price down quite a bit, with a slightly simplified layup. But even the Synapse Carbon frame drops weight to just 1100g for the 56cm frame.Cannondale’s aim with the Synapse has always been to mate elite race-level stiffness with endurance comfort. They say the endurance title gives them a bot of room to work on weight, so they were still able to achieve both comfort, plus drivetrain efficiency & stiffness at a weight level that beats most endurance race bikes out there. A big change was a 9.4% increase of headtube stiffness over the previous Synapse that was targeted with a more asymmetric design for better sprint power transfer and disc brake loads.But Cannondale didn’t feel like they needed to build in much more stiffness than the Synapse already had, but instead worked hard to get the same stiffness character across the full size range. While a few companies talk size-optimized design, the new Synapse takes it to a new level. Not only does every size frame get a rider-appropriate layup and tube sizing, they also use 3 different fork steerer and headtube diameters with 3 different offsets, so every rider gets the same feel AND handling.Bigger sizes get proportionally stiffer forks, larger crowns/headtubes, and larger & stiffer downtubes, so everyone gets perfectly tuned stiffness. Different fork rake also ensures consistent steering feel and avoids toe overlap on small sizes. It’s pretty bold, but the thought process and data backs it up. Large bikes (56, 58 & 61) get tapered 1 3/8” forks with 45mm offset; medium frames (51 &54) get 1 1/4” tapers with 55mm offset, and small frames (44 &48) stick with straight 1 1/8″ steerers and 60mm offset.The result is the proper amount of lateral stiffness actually improving handling. Bigger bikes & bigger riders get higher lateral stiffness, and smaller riders get proportional performance without becoming overly, uncomfortably stiff.Gruber ImagesSmoother comes down to the SAVE tech which carries over in the flex engineered carbon chainstays, seatstays, and fork legs of the new Synapse. But now the all new SAVE Systembar and small diameter SAVE seatpost get in on the game too. Of course the endurance category needs wide tires these days. And with disc brakes only, the new Synapse builds in space for up to 32mm real width tires while still having clearance around them.last_img read more

2017 Lucille Lortel Awards: The Band’s Visit & More Named Winners

first_img The 2017 Lucille Lortel Awards ceremony was held on the evening of May 7 at NYU’s Skirball Center. Recent Hamilton star Taran Killam hosted the celebration of off-Broadway. J.T. Rogers’ new play Oslo, which debuted at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater before its Broadway transfer to the Vivian Beaumont Theater, took home four Lortel Awards, including Outstanding Play. The new musical The Band’s Visit, which made its world premiere with the Atlantic Theater Company, took home two awards, including Outstanding Musical. Dear Evan Hansen stars Ben Platt and Rachel Bay Jones took home acting awards for their performances in the show’s off-Broadway debut with Second Stage. Adam Bock’s play A Life, which debuted at Playwrights Horizons, also took home two awards, for scenic designer Laura Jellinek and sound designer Mikhail Fiksel. The full list of winners can be found below, noted in bold and preceded by an asterisk.Outstanding PlayIndecent, Written by Paula Vogel*Oslo, Written by J.T. RogersUnderground Railroad Game, Written by Jennifer Kidwell and Scott R. SheppardVietgone, Written by Qui NguyenThe Wolves, Written by Sarah DeLappeOutstanding Musical*The Band’s Visit, Music and Lyrics by David Yazbek, Book by Itamar MosesDear Evan Hansen, Book by Steven Levenson, Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin PaulHadestown, Written by Anaïs MitchellRide the Cyclone, Book, Music, and Lyrics by Brooke Maxwell and Jacob RichmondThe Total Bent, Text by Stew, Music by Stew and Heidi RodewaldOutstanding RevivalThe Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World AKA the Negro Book of the Dead, Written by Suzan-Lori ParksOthello, Written by William ShakespeareSignature Plays: Edward Albee’s The Sandbox, María Irene Fornés’ Drowning and Adrienne Kennedy’s Funnyhouse of a Negro, Written by Edward Albee, María Irene Fornés and Adrienne Kennedy*Sweeney Todd, Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by Hugh Wheeler, Adaptation by Christopher BondSweet Charity, Book by Neil Simon, Music by Cy Coleman, Lyrics by Dorothy FieldsOutstanding Solo ShowChris Gethard: Career Suicide, Written and Performed by Chris GethardLatin History for Morons, Written and Performed by John Leguizamo*Notes From the Field, Created, Written, and Performed by Anna Deavere SmithThe Outer Space, Book and Lyrics by Ethan Lipton, Music by Ethan Lipton, Vito Dieterle, Eben Levy, and Ian M. Riggs, Performed by Ethan LiptonSell/Buy/Date, Written and Performed by Sarah JonesOutstanding DirectorWill Davis, Men on BoatsAnne Kauffman, A LifeLila Neugebauer, The Wolves*Bartlett Sher, OsloRebecca Taichman, IndecentOutstanding ChoreographerJoshua Bergasse, Sweet Charity*David Dorfman, IndecentGeorgina Lamb, Sweeney ToddDavid Neumann, HadestownDavid Neumann, The Total BentOutstanding Lead Actor in a PlayReed Birney, Man From NebraskaMichael Emerson, Wakey, WakeyLucas Hedges, Yen*Joe Morton, Turn Me LooseDavid Hyde Pierce, A LifeOutstanding Lead Actress in a PlayJohanna Day, Sweat*Jennifer Ehle, OsloJennifer Kidwell, Underground Railroad GameKecia Lewis, Marie and RosettaMaryann Plunkett, Women of a Certain AgeOutstanding Featured Actor in a Play*Michael Aronov, OsloCharlie Cox, IncognitoMatthew Maher, OthelloJustice Smith, YenPaco Tolson, VietgoneOutstanding Featured Actress in a PlayJocelyn Bioh, EverybodyHannah Cabell, The Moors*Randy Graff, The Babylon LineAri Graynor, YenNana Mensah, Man From NebraskaOutstanding Lead Actor in a MusicalAto Blankson-Wood, The Total BentShuler Hensley, Sweet CharityPatrick Page, Hadestown*Ben Platt, Dear Evan HansenJeremy Secomb, Sweeney ToddOutstanding Lead Actress in a MusicalSutton Foster, Sweet CharityAmber Gray, HadestownJo Lampert, Joan of Arc: Into the Fire*Katrina Lenk, The Band’s VisitSiobhan McCarthy, Sweeney ToddOutstanding Featured Actor in a MusicalNathan Lee Graham, The View UpStairsGus Halper, Ride the Cyclone*Joel Perez, Sweet CharityAri’el Stachel, The Band’s VisitChris Sullivan, HadestownOutstanding Featured Actress in a MusicalAsmeret Ghebremichael, Sweet Charity*Rachel Bay Jones, Dear Evan HansenBetsy Morgan, Sweeney ToddEmily Rohm, Ride the CycloneKaren Ziemba, Kid VictoryOutstanding Scenic DesignScott Davis, Ride the CycloneRachel Hauck, Hadestown*Laura Jellinek, A LifeMimi Lien, Signature Plays: Edward Albee’s The Sandbox, María Irene Fornés’ Drowning and Adrienne Kennedy’s Funnyhouse of a NegroJason Sherwood, The View UpStairsOutstanding Costume DesignMontana Blanco, The Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World AKA the Negro Book of the DeadTilly Grimes, Underground Railroad Game*Susan Hilferty, Love, Love, LoveSarah Laux, The Band’s VisitEmily Rebholz, IndecentOutstanding Lighting Design*Mark Barton, Signature Plays: Edward Albee’s The Sandbox, María Irene Fornés’ Drowning and Adrienne Kennedy’s Funnyhouse of a NegroJane Cox, OthelloGreg Hofmann, Ride the CycloneAmy Mae, Sweeney ToddBen Stanton, YenOutstanding Sound Design*Mikhail Fiksel, A LifeRobert Kaplowitz, HadestownStowe Nelson, Small Mouth SoundsNevin Steinberg, Wakey, WakeyMatt Stine, Sweeney ToddOutstanding Projection DesignElaine McCarthy, Notes From the FieldDuncan McLean, Privacy*Jared Mezzocchi, VietgonePeter Nigrini, Dear Evan HansenPeter Nigrini, Wakey, WakeyHonorary AwardsLifetime Achievement AwardWilliam Ivey LongPlaywrights Sidewalk InducteeLynn NottageEdith Oliver Service to Off-Broadway AwardHarold WolpertWins by Production:Oslo – 4The Band’s Visit – 2Dear Evan Hansen – 2A Life – 2The Babylon Line – 1Indecent – 1Love, Love, Love – 1Notes From the Field – 1Signature Plays – 1Sweeney Todd – 1Sweet Charity – 1Turn Me Loose – 1Vietgone – 1 Tony Shalhoub & Katrina Lenk in ‘The Band’s Visit'(Photo: Ahron R. Foster) View Commentslast_img read more

The Fans Have Spoken! The Top 10 Returning Tony Noms You Want to See Win This Year

first_imgGavin Creel, Hello, Dolly! Start prepping the snacks, playlists, ballots and t-shirts with nominees’ faces on them: the 71st annual Tony Awards are this weekend! In honor of the upcoming ceremony, we asked you which returning nominees you’ll be cheering on on Broadway’s biggest night. Of the 40 Tony-nominated performers this year, 11 returning nominees have never taken home the trophy. So, whose year will it be? Here are the 10 returners you’re rooting for! Laura Linney, The Little Foxes (Photos: Emilio Madrid-Kuser) Condola Rashad, A Doll’s House, Part 2 Stephanie J. Block, Falsettos Kate Baldwin, Hello, Dolly! View Comments Brandon Uranowitz, Falsettos Andy Karl, Groundhog Day Laurie Metcalf, A Doll’s House, Part 2 Mary Beth Peil, Anastasia Andrew Rannells, Falsettoslast_img read more

Odds & Ends: Prince of Broadway Stars to Toast Harold Prince at Manhattan Theatre Club Gala & More

first_img Prince of Broadway Here’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today. Prince of Broadway Cast to Toast Harold Prince at MTC GalaThe cast of the new Harold Prince bio-musical Prince of Broadway are among a talented group of stars set to appear at Manhattan Theatre Club’s annual gala, honoring 21-time Tony winner Prince himself. The evening will feature appearances by Prince’s colleagues and friends from more than 60 years in the business, including The Portuguese Kid star Jason Alexander, Joel Grey, Norm Lewis, Laura Linney, Marin Mazzie and Jeffrey Seller. The previously announced gala will take place on October 23 at 583 Park Avenue in New York City. Lena Hall & Dan Fogler to Star in Original Film Becks, Debuting at New FestTony winners Lena Hall and Dan Fogler will appear in Daniel Powell and Elizabeth Rohrbaugh’s new film Becks, set to make its premiere with New Fest on October 24. Becks follows an NYC-to-LA cross-country move that ends in a breakup. In addition to Hall and Fogler, the film’s cast includes recent F**cking A star Christine Lahti and screen vet Mena Suvari. New Fest is presented by New York’s Film & Media Arts Organization. Showtimes and locations for Becks can be found here.Remount of A Scythe of Time, Starring Lesli Margherita, Set for Feinstein’s/54 BelowLesli Margherita, the stage favorite who won a 2017 NYMF Award for the new musical A Scythe of Time, is slated to reprise her performance in that celebrated show at Feinstein’s/54 Below on October 26 at 9:30pm. Featuring a book by Alan Harris, music and lyrics by Mark Alan Swanson and direction by David Alpert, A Scythe of Time follows Signore Zenobia (Margherita), who embarks on a quest to unravel a mystery of the infamous Blackwood Articles in an effort to save her own magazine. Joining Margherita onstage will be P.J. Griffith, Brandon Brune, Blair Alexis Brown, Matt Denglar, Emily Claire Hughes, Lance Olds, Danny Rutigliano and Jesse Shuff.Annie Baker, Taylor Mac Among 2017 MacArthur ‘Genius’ Grant RecipientsAcclaimed playwrights Annie Baker and Taylor Mac have received 2017 “genius” grants from the MacArthur Foundation. The grant, which awards $625,000 spread over five years to “exceptionally creative people,” is a no-strings-attached honor that was first presented in 1981. Baker is a Pulitzer winner for The Flick whose plays also include The Antipodes, John, Circle Mirror Transformation, Body Awareness and The Aliens. Mac is a Pulitzer finalist for A 24-Decade History of Popular Music. His other works comprise Hir, The Lily’s Revenge, The Hot Month, The Fre and Red Tide Blooming. Past recipients of the MacArthur “genius” grant include Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, upcoming An Enemy of the People adaptor Branden Jacobs-Jenkins and costume designer Mimi Lien. Related Shows View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on Oct. 29, 2017last_img read more

Hamilton Welcomes Austin Scott as New Broadway Star

first_img History has its eyes on him! Austin Scott takes over the title role in the Broadway production of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical Hamilton beginning on February 19. Scott makes his Broadway debut in the production, replacing Michael Luwoye, who played his final performance at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on February 17.Scott reprises his celebrated turn as Alexander Hamilton from the musical’s national tour. His other stage credits include Rent, Sunset Boulevard, Beauty and the Beast, Hairspray and Miranda’s In the Heights.The current Broadway cast of Hamilton also includes Daniel Breaker as Aaron Burr, Denée Benton as Eliza Hamilton, Mandy Gonzalez as Angelica Schuyler, Carvens Lissaint as George Washington, James Monroe Iglehart as Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson, Wallace Smith as Hercules Mulligan/James Madison, Joanna A. Jones as Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds, Anthony Lee Medina as John Laurens/Philip Hamilton and Euan Morton as King George.Featuring a book, music and lyrics by Miranda, Hamilton is directed by Thomas Kail and choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler, with musical direction and orchestrations by Alex Lacamoire. Hamilton Related Shows View Comments Star Filescenter_img from $149.00 Austin Scott Austin Scott in “Hamilton”(Photo: Joan Marcus)last_img read more

Odds & Ends: Susan Sarandon to Star in Jesse Eisenberg’s New Play & More

first_img View Comments Here’s a quick roundup of stories you might have missed today. Susan Sarandon to Star in Jesse Eisenberg’s New PlayOscar winner Susan Sarandon will return to the New York stage this spring, appearing in Jesse Eisenberg’s world premiere comedy Happy Talk. Scott Elliott will direct the New Group production, set to begin previews on April 30 with an opening set for May 16 at the Pershing Square Signature Center. Tony nominee Marin Ireland will co-star in the comedy, previously titled Yea, Sister! The play centers on Lorraine (Sarandon), a saint of the suburbs who, on top of trying to save her dying mother, miserable husband and estranged daughter, is starring as Bloody Mary in the Jewish Community Center production of South Pacific. When her mother’s home aide, Serbian immigrant Ljuba (Ireland), asks for help finding a husband, Lorraine takes on her most challenging role to date: matchmaker. Happy Talk will play a limited run through June 2.Michael Luwoye Cast in TV Pilot Bluff City LawMichael Luwoye, the mega-talented recent title star of Hamilton, has joined the upcoming TV pilot Bluff City Law, Deadline reports. The legal drama will see Luwoye as Anthony Little, a lawyer of controversial landmark civil rights cases and committed father of three daughters. The cast also includes stage alums Jimmy Smits (God of Carnage), Caitlin McGee (When We Were Young and Unafraid) and Barry Sloane (Jerusalem).Darren Criss & More Join Lineup for 2019 Broadway BackwardsA new slate of performers have signed on for the 2019 edition of Broadway Backwards. The annual benefit serving up gender-bending takes on stars’ favorite tunes will be held at the New Amsterdam Theatre on March 11 at 8:00pm. Tony nominee Jenn Colella will serve as the evening’s emcee. Newly announced talent includes Darren Criss, Lea DeLaria, Rosemary Harris, Christopher Jackson, Nicole Vanessa Ortiz, Alice Ripley, Alexandra Silber, Ana Villafañe and Teal Wicks. They join the previously announced Lilli Cooper, Gavin Creel, Donna McKechnie, Len Cariou, Ariana DeBose, Nathan Lee Graham, Robyn Hurder, Rachel Bay Jones, Caitlin Kinnunen, Caissie Levy, Isabelle McCalla, Bonnie Milligan, Bebe Neuwirth, Andrew Rannells, Jarrod Spector, Kathleen Turner and the Broadway Inspirational Voices. Broadway Backwards is produced by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and benefits Broadway Cares and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in New York City.Mamie Gummer Welcomes First Child; Meryl Streep Is Now a GrandmaStage alum Mamie Gummer and her fiancé, producer Mehar Sethi, have announced the birth of a baby boy, says Us Weekly. Gummer, who is the daughter of Hollywood legend Meryl Streep, has been seen on Broadway in Les Liaisons Dangereuses and off-Broadway in The School For Lies, Uncle Vanya, Hunting and Gathering, The Water’s Edge, Mr. Marmalade and Ugly Lies the Bone. Many congrats to the happy family!Hailey Kilgore to Appear in The Watsons Go to Birmingham at the Kennedy CenterTony nominee Hailey Kilgore has been cast as Joetta “Joey” Watson in the world premiere Kennedy Center commission The Watsons Go to Birmingham, adapted by Christina Ham from Christopher Paul Curtis’ award-winning book. Presented in a staged concert adaptation with live music, the production will run from March 15-24 in the Eisenhower Theater. The Watsons Go to Birmingham tells the tale of the Watson family of Flint, Michigan—Momma, Dad, little sister Joetta, big brother Byron and ten-year-old Kenny—and their bond and endurance amid one of the darkest periods in America’s history. Joining Kilgore in the cast will be Tichina Arnold as Wilona Watson, J. Bernard Calloway as Daniel Watson, Chad Coleman as Narrator Kenny, Dante Myles Hoagland as Kenneth “Kenny” Bernard Watson, Isabell Monk O’Connor as Grandma Sands, Nova Y. Payton as The Voice and Justin Weaks as Byron Watson.Jose Antonio Vargas Joins Producing Team of What the Constitution Means to MeImmigration rights activist and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas has been added as a producer to the Broadway transfer of Heidi Schreck’s acclaimed play What the Constitution Means to Me, arriving at the Helen Hayes Theater next month. “What the Constitution Means to Me is a landmark feat of storytelling, a deeply personal work that sets the stage for what’s possible in the American theater,” Vargas told Deadline. As previously announced, Oliver Butler directs the play, which will begin preview performances on March 14 ahead of a March 31 opening night. The production will run for a limited engagement through June 9. Susan Sarandon(Photo: Emilio Madrid-Kuser for read more